Gamification: Increase Membership, Goodwill, and Revenue.

A Sweepstakes Program is shockingly simple yet highly effective at accomplishing three goals at once.

Shockingly Simple

Increase membership to your Customer Appreciation Programs, specifically your Gold Club.

Create goodwill and a sense of fun around your brand.

Drive significant incremental revenue within a short period of time.

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Imagine having a $25 Gift Certificate Sweepstakes with an average of 500 entries every month. That is a lot of opportunities to increase membership to your Customer Appreciation Program. Specifically your Gold Club in order to reach them at a later date.

Now imagine the Grand Prize winner has been chosen leaving you with 499 losers. Let's turn those 499 losers into winners by sending them a 10% off coupon just for playing. That builds goodwill.

Your 10% off coupon has an expiration date of 3 days. If only 5% of the losers accept your offer that means about 25 people must make a purchase from you within the next 72 hours. That drives significant incremental revenue.


Simple for Them

Customers that wish to enter your Sweepstakes are required to do nothing more than tap a button. Can't get any easier than that.


Simple for You

The Nlocation Sweepstakes program runs on autopilot so there's not much for you to administer. You just get to reap the rewards.

More Key Features

  • Compliant

    Sweepstakes are regulated and specific language is required to be in compliance. Nlocation meets these regulations for running a low value Sweepstakes. Some jurisdictions have specific rules for high dollar Sweepstakes so if your Sweepstakes prize is valued over $300 you will want to consult an attorney.

  • Automated

    Running a Sweepstakes couldn't be any easier. Simply create the prize, choose a start and end date, and set the Sweepstakes to repeat if you desire. Nlocation takes care of everything else from selecting the winner to sending out notifications.

  • Fraud Resistant

    Protecting your business from Sweepstakes fraud was a primary concern when developing Nlocation. Nlocation removes virtually all possibility of manipulation. You choose how often someone can enter, and redeem codes can be used only once then expired making multiple use impossible.

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