Loyalty Rewards

More than a Rewards Program.

A loyalty rewards program is the cornerstone to a comprehensive and effective customer appreciation / retention strategy. The Nlocation Loyalty Rewards Program is a significant driver of incremental revenue through retention, loyalty, and goodwill. Whether you currently operate a loyalty rewards program or not, continue reading to understand why the Nlocation loyalty rewards program is superior.



aCARs stands for automated Customer Attrition Reduction system and is a very powerful tool indeed. aCARs monitors loyalty reward members check-ins and is activated when a member has not visited after a certain period of time. The defecting, or lost member is sent an incentive message to encourage a return visit. aCARs resets if the incentive was successful. If the incentive was unsuccessful, aCARs sends another incentive after a certain period of time has elapsed. You set the message interval(s) and the incentives that make sense for your business.


Simple for Them

Your customers will be very happy about how easy your Loyalty Rewards Program is to use. It's easier than even a traditional paper punch card system with no card to carry around or lose. There's no complicated point system to decipher as they'll know, without question, how many visits remain in order to access their reward. Tap your number and check in. Quick. Simple. Modern.


Simple for You

As a small business owner you don't have time to deal with finicky technology or spend hours drilling down into big data searching for minutia. Your rewards program is about showing appreciation to your loyal customers and increasing foot traffic. That's exactly what the Nlocation Loyalty Rewards Program does with our simple, automated check-in system. No complicated point system to manage or explain.

Simple for everyone

  • Fraud Resistant

    Protecting your business from rewards fraud was a primary concern when developing the Nlocation Loyalty Rewards Program. Nlocation removes virtually all possibility of manipulation. You set the time between check-ins making it impossible to continuously check-in. Redeem codes can be used only once then expired making multiple use impossible. Every week you receive an email with the 10 most check-ins showing times and dates. If an outlier appears in the data you'll know where to look if an employee is helping someone accumulate fraudulent check-ins.

  • No App Required

    Many loyalty rewards programs require customers to download an app to their smartphone. This is bad news for any small business with a similar requirement. Homescreen real estate is at a premium and downloading an app to join the program adds a significant barrier. Unless your app is one of the big social media empires, or a game, the likelihood of your app staying on their homescreen is not good. 75% of users uninstall an app within 90 days.

  • No Bleeding Edge Tech

    Are you familiar with iBeacons, NFC, QR Codes, or Eddystone? Not really? Neither are your customers. Unfortunately, there are many loyalty rewards programs that incorporate this cutting edge technology. Nlocation wants to help you enroll as many customers as possible into your loyalty rewards program and being on the bleeding edge doesn't help. Even though our system leverages modern technology it's technology virtually everyone uses every day.

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