Birthday Club

Revenue Booster and Goodwill Creator.

A Birthday Club is a simple and effective means for any small business to boost revenue, increase goodwill, and create a positive feeling towards your business. Not to mention an easy segue for them to join your other customer appreciation programs. Building customer relationships ensures long-term business success, and a Birthday Club is a powerful tool to meet those ends. As with all Nlocation programs, you can disable the Birthday Club if it doesn't suit your business.


Increase Revenue

A Birthday Club is a no-brainer for a restaurant. More than 55% of all Americans eat out on their birthday, and an average birthday patron generates $78 in revenue per table. A Birthday Club for other businesses also produces many tangible and intangible benefits for your business.


Simple for Them

Your customers will be very happy about how easy your Birthday Club is to join. They simply select the month and day (year not required) of their birthday and tap submit. On their birthday they will receive your message.


Simple for You

All that is required of you is to decide what offer you want to send your Birthday Club members, and select how much time they have to redeem your offer before it expires. Beyond that the system runs on autopilot.

More Key Features

  • Create Goodwill

    A Birthday Club is an easy way to develop goodwill among your customers. Goodwill builds loyalty, improves the value of your business, and encourages forgiveness for mistakes that may be made in the future. It also sets you apart from your competition that doesn't offer a Birthday Club.

  • Automated

    The Nlocation Birthday Club is completely automated. It is literally a set it and forget it program. You create the birthday offer to be sent and Nlocation does everything else.

  • Fraud Resistant

    Protecting your business from Birthday Club fraud was a primary concern when developing Nlocation. Nlocation removes virtually all possibility of manipulation. A customer can select the month and day of their birthday only once. Only you can make changes if needed. Redeem codes can be used only once then expired making multiple use impossible.

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