About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Below is the core team at Nlocation. Together, we have decades of experience in very different disciplines. Our one common thread is our experience with small business. Our goal is to help level the playing field for small business using technologies that will drive measurable, significant incremental revenue. This incremental revenue many times seperates a good month from a bad one.

Read the Story of Nlocation to understand how Nlocation came to be.

Scott Goodwin

Mr. Goodwin founded four startups over that past 20 years. During that time he completed his MIS undergrad and earned an MBA. His goal with Nlocation is to provide small businesses the tools and methods leveraged by large companies, but on a budget.

Mark King
Lead Developer

Mark has been a staple at Nlocation since the beginning. With decades of experience, his problem solving and coding skills are second to none. He brings a tenacity that anything is doable and nothing is impossible.

Ken Goodwin
Business Development

Ken and Scott are brothers, but took much different paths in life. Ken honed his business development and sales skills through 30 years of outside and inside sales. Ken is a people person and has never met a stranger.